The following is a partial list of some of GTI's past and current projects.

  • PRO-GUARDIAN tm and CONTAIN-A-PET electronic pet containment systems.
  • Hardware/Software design for a 6-axis automatic grinder.
  • BIOMETRICS2000 AKXXX series of keypads and IIC to RS232/485 serial interface.
  • Test Machines Inc. SuperSealer
  • High performance modulated beam IR sensor, providing all but total immunity to ambient light.
  • Hardware and software for the CIMM Corp. conveyor load module (CLM) and the inline test interface (EC100), software written in C and assembler.
  • Hardware and software for the TERADYNE CORP. automatic board handler.
    This used the INTEL 80C196 embedded controller, with the choice of programming language being C.
  • GEM2003 Flight Data System for RC Aircraft
  • New PRO-GUARDIAN tm receiver and transmitter designs.
  • CHILD-GUARDIAN tm Perimeter Monitoring System (patent pending).
  • Security Card Reader for the above AKXXX keypads.
  • Proximity Reader for the above AKXXX keypads.
  • Airspeed sensor using one of Honeywell's pressure sensors.

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